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Four in Hand, Cans

Auteur Wines

The Rising

Mast & Tiller

Dalecio Family Wines

Four in Hand

Bon Sol

Getting back to nature.

Tome Wines

Branding for an unexpected Napa Valley winery.


Cresthorn Whisky

Fresh designs for Cresthorn Canadian rye whisky.



A logo and brand identity package for SmoJoe, one of Toronto’s top SEO Consultants.


Podium Publishing

A funky website design for the always funky indie audiobook publisher, Podium Publishing.

Animal Studies

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Burger Derby

Pint Check


Strymon Parallax

Eastwood Arts Reunion Microsite

We Enter the Dark Room, Alone



A friend I’ve known since grade 5 calls up one day, asking “Hey, can you make a website that will let me upload video to share with the NHL players I’m training?” A few thousand hours later, VirtuTrain was born!

Strength and conditioning coaches create training programs online using VirtuTrain’s web-app, and athletes get the workouts sent to their iPhones. I’m proud to say (at the time of this writing) that the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs are customers!

You can see more at

Able Pools

Trivia Track

Ok I admit it: I’m a super geek. I love watching Jeopardy, and playing along at home. However, there weren’t any good options for keeping score. So I just went ahead and built one! This was my first foray into app development, and was as much a learning exercise as it was so I could keep track of my Daily Double wagers.

You can download it for free from the iTunes store.