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The friendly face of SEO A logo and brand identity package for SmoJoe, one of Toronto's top SEO Consultants.

Brand design / Logo design / Web design

SMOJoe, aka Rob Campbell, is one Toronto’s leading SEO consultants. His ability to get businesses on to the first page of search results is staggering. As social media began to dominate more of people’s virtual lives, SMOJoe wanted to shift their focus slightly to also help clients leverage these emerging channels more effectively.

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The logo uses the letterforms of name SMOJoe to depict a friendly face, clearly conveying the brand character and promise: social connection, and happy customers.

The real joy for me in this design, is how little work it took. The only real skill was paying attention. Embracing the obvious to find what is not obvious.

These are the kinds of solutions every designer dreams of: finding that the perfect arrangement of elements that already exists in the source material itself. Exposing the hidden gems of form and function. Using a few, careful strokes to push back the soil around buried treasure.